Vaniel Findlay – Recipient of The Cherine Anderson Award ROC Scholar 2013


Name: Vaniel Findlay

ROC Scholar: The Cherine Anderson Scholarship – Top Male Scholar ’13

Primary School: Excelsior primary

High School: Campion College

Future Goal: Orthodontist

Why I ROC: I ROC because I take me work seriously, and participate a lot to make my work fun. I always try my best to be on top and stay on top in everything  I do; at school, church and play. I study a lot, especially at night when it is cool and quiet. Sometimes you can even find me sleeping with my books. As a loyal member of my schools Prefect body, Speech Choir, Drama Club and my church’s Sabbath School I extend myself to serving others and develop the discipline and enthusiasm to make me ROC.

Advice to others: Everyone must teach someone to make a difference in one’s , as the ROC Foundation is teaching me to give to other children like myself.

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