Davina Brown – The Cherine Anderson Scholar ROC Scholar 2013

Name: Davina Brown

ROC Scholar: The Cherine Anderson Scholarship – Top Female Scholar ’13

Primary School: Rollington Town Primary

High School: Ardene High School

Future Goal: Pediatrician

Why I ROC: I ROC because I know that s good education is the only way out of my current situation. I work really hard and have maintaineda high average. I ROC because I have an awesome mother who motivates me and guides me along the way. I ROC because I have a (6 grade) teacher who is persistent and because I have friends who help me to understand in the different subject areas and I ROC because I believe in God who I may never lose love for.

Advice to others: “Each one, teach one, to reach one” means that if I am in a position to help someone in need I will make that difference.

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