Positive Response To R.O.C Eagles’s & Doves School Tour 2013

The 2nd annual Reach One Child  “R.O.C “ School Tour kicked off on Thursday May 9th to overwhelming support from students, staff and administration at the Windward Road Primary and Junior High School.  This year’s tour, titled the R.O.C. Eagles & Doves Tour, is one of the mentorship initiatives for the R.O.C Foundation offered as a free program to public schools.  The R.O.C Eagles & Doves School Tour is focused on lending support to the hard working teachers and staff in primary and junior high schools in an effort to reach Grade 6 students from inner-city and economically challenged communities.  In addition, R.O.C Foundation in partnership with Cherine has launched a scholarship program specifically geared towards grade 6 primary school students with verifiable financial need to support their high school expenses in September.

R.O.C. Eagles & Doves School Tour is executed by volunteers who all participate in a watch – talk – play edutainment program.  The tour is extremely interactive and engages students while incorporating their teachers, guidance counselors, principals and performing arts teachers. The program captivates students through use of multi-media and audio visual aids that include videos, interactive and educational games, art and craft, as well as the performing arts. The program is supported by professional Journalist, Financial Advisors, Jewelers, International Athletes, Media Personalities, Doctors as well as Entrepreneurs.

This year the R.O.C. Eagles & Doves School Tour has already visited Windward Road Primary and Rollington Primary in Kingston, Excelsior Primary in St. Andrew as well as Grants Pen Primary in St. Thomas.  The tour continues this week to Jessie Ripoll and Norman Gardens Primary & Junior High on May 20th and 21st respectively. The group is schedule to make stops at Ocho Rios Primary, Exchange Primary and Walkers Wood Primary in St. Ann. As part of our a  labour day initiative The R.O.C Eagles and Doves School Tour will also partner with Ashe Performing Arts Ensemble and UNICEF for their labor-day project “Through The Eyes of a Child” on May 23rd  in Kingston.

The R.O.C Eagles & Doves School Tour is made possible through the generosity of  it’s founders Patrick Lindsay and Cherine Anderson, with additional support from Zlink Entertainment, Inc , Cherine TV, Kingston Bookshop and Docutech Ltd.

Windward Road Primary students were bright and involved in every aspect of R.O.C’s presentation

Even 6th Grade Teacher Ms. Jackson wore her school uniform and participated in the R.O.C program to the delight of the students. R.O.C founder Cherine poses with grade 6 teachers from her alma mater Excelsior Primary School. L-R Ms. Smith, Mrs. Brady Jackson, Mrs. Nicely, Cherine, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Main, Mrs. Hilton.

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